Diaz Stars in “B ad Teacher” with Ex-Flame Timberlake

When Cameron Diaz decided to star in Bad Teacher, the world took notice. This hilarious film depicted the life of a woman who suddenly finds herself in the position of teaching young children. She uses innovative and humorous techniques to reach out to young children in the course of the film. When you see this movie, you will be laughing for hours about her performance.

The ex-flame of Diaz, Justin Timberlake, also stars in the film. He shows his typical humor and charismatic charm in the course of his role. If you have not already seen this movie, then Read more »

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New Release on the Horizon: Bad Teacher

The irresistibly cute and equally talented actress Cameron Diaz has always seemed to have a balanced appetite for diverse movie roles. One moment she is working with legendary directors like Marin Scorsese in “Gangs of New York” and Oliver Stone in “Any Given Sunday.” Then when you are not expecting it, she proves her comedic timing is also immensely effective with laugh-fests like “There is Something About Mary” and “What Happens in Vegas.” But with “Bad Teacher,” Cameron Diaz got to star as a student’s dream come true and a parent’s worst nightmare.Get more Read more »

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Some Political Statements She’s Quietly Made

Actress Cameron Diaz rarely discusses politics and is not known for her political statements, but the actress has gotten more open about her stance in the past few years.

Being of Cuban descent, she has a Catholic heritage. However, she has spoken out in support of abortion, once stating that there are “too many people in the world.” However, she has made few public comments about other aspects of religion, though she has indicated that she finds surfing to be “spiritual.”

Diaz made her first and only political campaign contribution to Barack Read more »

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What’s Next for Cameron?

Popular actress Cameron Diaz hasn’t had to search very hard for movie roles for the last few years. It seems like she’s constantly has something in the works, so what’s the leading lady been up too lately?

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” was just released, on May 18th and has done well at the box office so far. This Romantic comedy features stars such like Jennifer Lopez and Matthew Morrison. This hilarious story takes place in Atlanta and centers around 5 couples and their experiences with the childbirth process.

In Read more »

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The Latest Dish on Cameron and A-Rod

Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are keeping their new relationship under wraps, even when they are at a party together. At a Yankee party recently the two kept their distance and stayed on separate sides of the room. She spent the evening chatting up the wives of the other ball players. Diaz has been pretty quiet about dating A-Rod of the New York Yankees. However, she did mention recently that she grew up cheering for the LA Dodgers, but is now a fan of the Yankees. The couple reportedly spent a romantic vacation together in Boston, MA, when the Yankees were competing against the Red Sox. The couple was also recently spotted in London, dining together at the elite Cecconi restaurant. They did leave in separate cars to drive back to their hotel. Apparently A-Rod has a few hang ups in regard to his past relationships and doesn’t want Cameron to be at his games. His ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson was known to cheer at every game and would even go to some of his practices, so he doesn’t want Diaz to do the same. Cameron has been too busy for all of that anyway, she has been shooting a new movie titled “Bad Teacher” and promoting the film “Knight and Day” with actor Tom Cruise. A-Rod is known for his poor treatment of his wife, Madonna and Kate Hudson. So hopefully Cameron will not allow him to do this to her as well. She hasn’t been in a relationship since breaking up with Justin Timberlake over three years ago. With her busy schedule she is unlikely to be very concerned about A-Rod not wanting her at his games. Cameron Diaz and A-Rod have not yet officially confirmed that they are together. However, they seem to spending quite a bit of time together.

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Cameron’s Green Hornet Review

The Green Hornet was a 1930′s radio serial and the 1960′s TV show that was famous for giving Bruce Lee his big break. The movie, the Green Hornet, stars Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz and is in 3-D and hit movie theaters on Friday, January 14, 2011. Cameron Diaz plays Brett Reid’s temp secretary and word from critics and movie viewers is that she does very little in the movie but provide “eye candy”. Some reviews expressed that Diaz did little to stand out as the secretary and researcher; however, others believe that Diaz is a welcome relief from Rogan, who is somewhat annoying. Seth Rogan is cast in the dual role of spoiled brat, Brett Reid, and the masked vigilante in the movie. Rogan also was a co-writer for the movie. One movie reviewer did give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5 and stated that each actor played his or her part effectively for what was needed. There are about thirty minutes of the movie that are highly entertaining, but this changes into rhetorical action sequences and silly wisecracks. Movie viewers have suggested that the movie is more of a comedy than an action film and that it is entertaining. One review of the movie stated that the movie, The Green Hornet, is a fun superhero movie that may not be for everyone. Comic book fanatics may love it and children may enjoy it because of the stunts, humor and action. For the fans of the 1966 TV show, it could lead to disappointment.A brief description of the characters, actors and legacy of the TV series makes for an interesting read! You can also find information about The Green Hornet book and its author.

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What’s in Store for 2011

While most people are focused on the upcoming Oscars, there are a multitude of highly anticipated films making their way to theaters in 2011 worth getting excited about.The leader of the pack is, of course, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” starring Johnny Depp as the now-legendary Jack Sparrow. The movie also features Ian Mcshane as Blackbeard and Penelope Cruz as the new leading lady and is set to hit theaters on May 20th.Another Hollywood titan comes out on July 15th. Harry Potter will take his final bow in the series’ last installment, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–Part 2″. Excitement is even higher than usual for the boy wizard, since this is the first Potter flick to be released in 3-D.Rounding out the big three is “Twilight: Breaking Dawn–Part 1″. The wildly popular saga will come to a close soon, with this final installment following Harry Potter’s cue and being split into two parts. The PG-13 flick is expected to be released on November 18th. On May 26th, the boys from the top grossing R-rated comedy in history return for “The Hangover 2″. Little is known about the upcoming flick other than that is set in Bangkok, where Ed Helms’ character Stu is set to get married. “Thor”, “Captain America–The First Avenger”, and “Green Lantern” will all be leaping off the comic book pages later this year, and “The Muppets” will return to the screen in November. Jim Carrey will be in the remake of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, and both “Cars 2″ and “Scream 4″ will do their best to resurrect classic franchises. With so many movies on the horizon, 2011 is shaping up to be an immensely entertaining year.

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Vegas Revisited

It seems that Cameron Diaz still loves to have a good time in Vegas as evidenced by her 2008 film What Happens in Vegas and her hot celebrating on New Year’s Eve 2010/2011with current up-close-and-personal lead man A-Rod. No doubt the duo had a great time as they celebrated their ongoing relationship which timing just happens to work in concert with the release of her new film The Green Hornet (co-starring Seth Rogan and Jay Chou).

News has it that Rogan found his co-star “intimidating” during the filming of the movie since she “ran circles” around everyone else (we assume he’s referring to her energy level).

We’re not sure when you’re going to be reading this post, but The Green Hornet is set to be released January 14, 2011, and we’re quite confident the energy Diaz was exuding on New Year’s Eve and at the taping (according to Rogan) is going to be evident on the big screen.

If you want to tap into some of Diaz’ earlier works (like the aforementioned What Happens in Vegas or her many others mentioned in earlier posts) to get primed for your viewing of her latest hot number, you might want to check your DIRECTTV listings to see when they’re going to air.

Don’t let another year go by without connecting with Diaz lest you feel “intimidated” at the loss!

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Say It Ain’t So

We were so happy to write in an earlier blog that all indicators pointed toward our girl Cami having come to her senses by leaving A-Rod without even skipping a beat; sending him packing with his bats and balls (and maybe a fond memory or two). But alas, it seems this game has gone into extra innings since the two were reported to have spent time in Mexico together on vacation in late November and later spotted in South Beach when they went to Joanna Garcia and Nick Swisher’s wedding. We’re hoping the duo showed up to the wedding more to pay respect for the couple they no doubt use to pal around with when they, too, were a couple and had little (or nothing) to do with their reclassification as a couple. Maybe A-Rod has come to his senses and realized you can’t “blame the girl” for his own short-comings and Cami gave him a second inning to prove he’s changed his evil ways. Either way, we hope the on-again off-again format soon finds a final resting spot in the off-again mode.

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We’re Happy It’s Over

It seems that Cameron Diaz had been dating New York Yankee athlete Alex Rodriguez since first being spotted leaving his NYC penthouse with overnight bags in tow. Unfortunately, before we could get that story out and align Cameron’s good luck charm potential with that of A-Rod’s last lucky charm found in Kate Hudson during the World Series last season, it seems they have called it quits after seven months of dating. We can’t help but notice the correlation to the timing of the World Series (and the Yankee’s sorrowful showing this year) and wonder if A-Rod is just experiencing a bout of Read more »

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